Forest and Woodproducts


Company: Forest and Woodproducts
OWNER: Forstassessor Ernst Bentzien Forest Consultant and Timber Extension Expert for different Trading and Consultancy Companies, International Organisations and NGO`s
COMPANY ADDRESS: Ernst Bentzien, Mühlenstr. 9 D- 36214 Nentershausen \ Hessen (Germany) Tel: 49- 6627 1614 or Mobile: + 491717163187 Fax:49- 6627 919532

I Company Profile:
- International Trade with Timber and Non - timber products - Field studies for consultancy companies and applied research activities for marketing of wood products - Elaboration of marketing strategies for export of timber products to Asia - Marketing analysis for woodproducts and medical plants especially in East- and South East Europe - Humanitarian aid and desaster prevention as International RED CROSS Delegate

II. Country and Work Experience:
Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, former Jugoslavia (Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Slowenia) and West Africa (Guinea- Conakry, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast and Liberia)

III. Specialisation of the Company:
1. Development Service: Extension, Applied Research activities and Project Management - Rural Development - Natural Resource Management - Agroforestry \ Forestry management - Buffer zone Management (National Parcs)
2. Trade with Timber and Non Timber products: Trading, Extension, Marketing Analyse and Applied Research activities - International timber trade with main point in Germany, East and South - East Europe - Trade with sawn timber and round wood ( beech, oak, hard maple, walnut, cherry, pine, spruce, larch and fir) - Trade with NON - Timber products especially Medical plants and other Woodproducts like mushrooms - Extension Service for East and South - East saw mill industries
3. Main Timber Product Experience: - beech, hard maple roundwood (veneer logs) - sawn timber beech (flooring material and other) - spruce, larch and pine roundwood - sawn timber spruce, pine and larch IV. Company Membership in Professional Societies: - Council for Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture Research (ATSAF e. V., Bonn) - AT - Association( AT- Verband, Bonn) is an Association of German NGO`s and Consultants working in the field of Appropriate Technology - German Forestry Association to suport international co- operation