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Name for ex .: Woodmann
First name for ex .: Bill, Carolin, etc.
Company for ex.:Wooodtrade Ltd.
Street for.ex.: Marple Street 2341
ZippCode for.ex..: Ca 09388
Town for.ex.: Chicago, Berlin etc.
Land for ex .: USA, Russia, etc
Fon Company fon
Fax Company fax
Person to turn to Person to turn to contact
Function Funktion from person to turn to
Fon 1 Fon from person toturn to
Fon 2 Fon 2.(fax) from person to turn to


You may entry yours oun access data for the input area of ours database(Members page).
for ex .: bily, Billy or BILLY
for ex.: a276Bn,wood99 oder WD123


E-mail http://
    Please choose ANGEBOT/BID/OFFER wen you want to appear (in saerch results) as seller or choose NACHFRAGE/ASK/WANTED wen you want to appear (in search results) as buyer.


Wood for ex .: beach , oak , etc.
Product for ex .: lumber , logs ,boards , etc.
Dimensions for ex .:1500 x 800 x 30 (mm., cm.,)
State of wood for ex .: air-dried , steamed , etc.
Quality Explanations about quality of wood or
woodproduct that you want to buy or salle.
Quantity for ex .: 30m³, 100Fm etc.
Price for ex .: 440 .-$/m³ ,490 EURO/m³, etc.
Schipment for ex .: at work , FOB, etc.
Payment for ex.: cash , LC., etc.